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Economics Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Financial aspects - Assignment Example Moving downwards from the point D on the interest bend to the midpoint C, supreme estimation of the versatility of interest, however declining stays more noteworthy than one which makes complete income increment with the fall in cost of the item. While decrease in cost per unit of the product will in general lessen income, increment in amount sold brought about by it will in general increment the income. Cost versatility staying more noteworthy than one over the midpoint C infers that the rate increment in amount requested surpasses the rate fall in cost which makes the all out income increment. In this manner, up to the degree of yield Q which compares to the mid-point C of the interest bend, all out income bend continues expanding. 2. Inelastic range (e 0 45 2 6.33 90 Elastic 40 3 3.40 120 Elastic 35 4 2.14 140 Elastic 30 5 1.44 150 Elastic 25 6 1.00 150 Unit versatile 20 7 0.69 140 Inelastic 15 8 0.47 120 Inelastic 10 9 0.29 90 Inelastic

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Essay on What Does the Minimum Wage Do

Exposition on What Does the Minimum Wage Do Exposition on What Does the Minimum Wage Do? Exposition on What Does the Minimum Wage Do?In numerous nations, there exist the lowest pay permitted by law principles which secure the workers rights to get a compensation covering in any event essential needs. In the United States, the Fair Labor Standards Act making sure about least wages was authorized in 1938 (Henderson 52). As swelling and downturns influence the economy, least wages are balanced. Notwithstanding, such expands put more focus on organizations and might adversy affect work. There are the two supporters and rivals of the lowest pay permitted by law increment. The key proposition of this paper is the accompanying: the lowest pay permitted by law ought to be expanded to guarantee that laborers can continue their essential needs.The increment of the lowest pay permitted by law will prompt an outstanding improvement of the nature of living of those individuals who live underneath the destitution line and near the neediness line. In the United States, the extent of su ch individuals is around 25% (Belman and Wolfson 67). In this way, the expansion of least wages will diminish social disparity and improve prosperity of the most unfortunate households.Furthermore, the buying capacity of these families will build; considering the quantity of such families, these progressions are probably going to positively affect the economy. What's more, those individuals who decided not to work due to significant expenses of transportation and settlement may begin searching for employments after the expansion of least wages (Neumark and Wascher 30). These progressions may marginally build the pace of employment.The adversaries of the lowest pay permitted by law increment express that the raise will prompt the development of joblessness as organizations will cut occupations. In actuality, organizations will to be sure need to lessen costs, however the heaviness of low-paying occupations in generally speaking operational expense is low, so organizations will be bou nd to decrease the compensation for desk employments or cut working expenses in some different manners (for example streamlining their flexibly chain, decreasing waste, and so forth) (Tucker 14).One greater contention on the side of the lowest pay permitted by law is the way that the raise will ask organizations to improve execution so as to advance expenses. Consequently, organizations will be urges to diminish wasteful aspects because of the expansion of the lowest pay permitted by law. In this manner, it is prescribed to expand the lowest pay permitted by law so as to help laborers who have low-paying employments and to accomplish a slight financial lift.

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Course-selection advice for incoming students COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

Course-selection advice for incoming students COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog The Office of Admissions has received several inquiries from incoming Fall 2015 students about orientation, course registration and assistantships. Luckily, one of our Admissions Ambassadors decided to share with all of you some insiders knowledge on how to  approach academics and financial aid at SIPA. Heres what Sriram Gutta, MPA 15, had to say: One of the challenges students meet during the registration week is the confusion around course selection. Many of us come to SIPA with specific goals: these include learning a new language, improving our quantitative skills, and enhancing our ability to write effectively, among others. There are a few things that further complicate course selection. Some of these include fellowships that are offered at the end of first year, prerequisites for some courses, and cross registration with other schools. I will address each of these issues separately. Breaking down  the academic  rigor for each course One of the ways to understand the potential workload in each class is too check the syllabus for total number of exams (versus papers), frequency of assignments (some courses like economics have weekly submissions), and other requirements including group work. I personally decided against doing microeconomics, quantitative techniques, and Politics of Policymaking in the same semester. Meeting those course prerequisites This is one area I personally didn’t closely monitor in the first semester. I wanted to take Corporate Finance in my second semester and an impact investing course. But Corporate Finance had Accounting for International Public Affairs  as a prerequisite and the impact investing course had Corporate Finance as a prerequisite. You can avoid such a situation by listing prerequisites against courses in your Excel file (if you  haven’t done so yet, I do recommend creating an Excel spreadsheet for your courses). Insider tip: Some of the prerequisites can be waived if you have prior coursework/relevant work experience. It is always good to talk to the professor about this. Cross registration One of the best parts about SIPA and Columbia University is the access to some tremendous schools and faculty. I personally enrolled in three  courses at Columbia Business School and have friends who took  courses at three different schools in the same semester. Enrolling in courses at other schools allows you to increase your network beyond that at SIPA. So if youre interested in cross-registering for a course, it is important to follow the deadlines for online submission and ensure that you send the request within minutes of the application opening. Insider tip: I have seen people enrolling in courses by emailing professors in advance and sharing their background and iterating their interest in the course. While this may not work always and with all professors, it is worth trying. A screenshot from Sriram Guttas Excel spreadsheet, which he used to organize his course requirements. Getting the leg up on  assistantships I have seen many of my peers (including myself) struggle to balance the courses they want to do with those that they think they can excel in to improve their chances  get an assistantship,  which include teaching assistantships (TA), program assistantships (PA), department research assistantships (DRA), research associate positions (RA), and reader positions.  My approach early on was to take a few core courses in the first semester and take at least two other courses where I have experience in  and excel in those. My core courses include Microeconomics and Politics of Policymaking. I complemented these with two courses where I was reasonably sure Id do well in. These courses helped me both increase my GPA and put me in a good position to be considered for a fellowship. The last course was at Columbia  Business School in an area I was curious about. In the end, I was the TA for  Nonprofit Financial Management in the  fall of  2014. What also helped me immensely throughout my four semesters at SIPA was an Excel file that I created for managing my courses. This included all my requirements given my degree, concentration, and specialization. I then listed all these courses and created separate tabs for each semester. This helped me plan which courses to take in which semester and ensured that I was always on top of what requirements I needed to fulfill toward graduation. Insider tip: If you know that you are doing well in a specific course, make it clear to the professor that you are interested in TA or DRA position and seek advice on how you can improve of your chances. Remember that many students satisfy both conditions for fellowships and often times it comes down to your likeability and rapport with the professor. Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of time in the second and fourth semesters is spent internship/job hunting. Make sure you take courses accordingly, leaving enough time for career planning. I will end this blog by reiterating that planning is critical in managing the courses and meeting the goals you set for yourself.

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Subtle Changes in Language Create Media Bias Essay

In the past few years, the news media has become more competitive, more extensive, and more globalized than ever before. Reporting occurs in near real time from almost any location to the consumer’s television or computer screen. With so many news agencies now vying for precious minutes of a consumer’s time, it is common for a story to undergo slight alterations that make it more emotional or sensational. Several consequent transformations of the same story can lead to extreme misreporting on the actual content, and oftentimes it is difficult to ascertain what the original story was without looking at multiple versions from different sources. The purpose of this paper is to trace the development of a news story across a 24-hour period,†¦show more content†¦The first piece of news is from NPR’s Morning Edition. The writer intended it to be a short snippet of the need-to-know points of the bailout. The main points presented are that the announcement of a bailout had a much greater effect on the Greek economy than the unveiling of a reform package earlier in the week and that Germany is planning to offer unspecified aid to the country. The reporter also mentions that many oppose the bailout because they feel it will set a precedent for â€Å"eurozone† nations who encounter a similar problem in the future. There are no sources cited for the information in the piece, but the quotation is from someone who appears to be respectable. This piece makes the problem seem much simpler than the other articles do. While no citations are present, NPR is such a respected institution on its own that none seem necessary. The reporter’s work is transparent, and all of the key questions are answered, to some degree of clarity. Context is well established, and the report represents both the pros and cons of the bailout. Overall, this is a reliable piece of news. The second news piece is an article from the Guardian, a Great Bri tain-based newspaper. Its main point is that a bailout plan has been reached, and, in contrast to the NPR piece, uses a quote from the EU’s president to make that point. It offers other information as well, most of it quoted from such figures as Germany’s chancellor and France’s president, including that theShow MoreRelatedThe Impact Of Media On Society s Society1375 Words   |  6 Pagesblamed on how the media portrays race. Media comes in all forms; print media, broadcast media, social media, etc. Each of these forms play an important role in our society. Media is the main communicator in today’s society. Society looks to media for information. This is a problem because media does not always have the proper answers in regards to certain issues. One of the main issues with media is how it regards race When it comes to the issue of race, society should not look to media for answers. TheRead MoreMedia Bias2516 Words   |  11 Pagesthat plagues us ever yday without us even realizing it is media bias. We see it in the news. We see it on our favorite sitcoms. We read it everyday in the paper. Yet, we really dont recognize it when we hear it or see it. Media bias is evident in every aspect of the media, yet the problem is that we dont even recognize it when it is right in front of our faces. Are the impressions that we form about individuals a product of the media? Do we form certain opinions about particular types of peopleRead MoreNananna1497 Words   |  6 Pagesdiscusses how it involves all walks of life, its political role, Canada’s national identity, and its impact on pop culture through song, lyrics, and poetry (238,239). Revealing his personal bias, Bowling’s use of flashback and nostalgia, narrative, analogies, contrast and subtle use of metaphors emphasize a change in his attitude and contempt toward the game he once cherished. At the beginning of his essay, Bowling uses a flashback technique taking the reader back to a time where his attitude towardRead More Media Bias Essay example2496 Words   |  10 PagesMedia Bias Introduction   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  One problem that plagues us everyday without us even realizing it is media bias. We see it in the news. We see it on our favorite sitcoms. We read it everyday in the paper. Yet, we really dont recognize it when we hear it or see it. Media bias is evident in every aspect of the media, yet the problem is that we dont even recognize it when it is right in front of our faces. Are the impressions that we form about individuals a product of the media? Do we form certainRead MoreThe Latino : Hard Work Essay1470 Words   |  6 Pagesthose who have immigrated to the United States, but undocumented workers are often faced with complex adversities and obstacles that extend beyond their cultural understanding, hindering them from true upward social mobility in the United States. Language, destitution, and cultural upbringings are commonly observed things that contribute to the adversities challenging undocumented workers ability to socially grow when immigrating to the United States. The majority of Latino undocumented workers areRead MoreEssay on Criminal Profiling1253 Words   |  6 Pagescommit more crimes than other races (Ridgeway, 2007). The minority groups such as African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Japanese-Americans, and Arab Middle-East Americans (Persico, 2002). are often targeted because of their unique backgrounds, language and their appearance. Racial profiling is discriminatory, ineffective, and counter-productive to protecting American citizens. Racial profiling exposes the American society’s discrimination towards an ethic group due to a political climate or aRead MoreGender Roles And Stereotypes1719 Words   |  7 PagesWhether it is consciously or unconsciously, we humans tend to characterize people by their gender. â€Å"Often, gender expectations or stereotypes shape our thoughts and interactions with others in subtle yet perceptible ways† (Block 1). When children enter the school environment, they will likely experience a number of issues relating to gender. They will continue to encounter gender issues throughout their lifetime, so it is important that we teach them to address these issues appropriately. TeachersRead More The Perpetuation of Racism in Canada by the Mainstream News Media3990 Words   |  16 PagesMainstream News Media Canada is internationally renowned for its commitment to multiculturalism. In fact, Canada was the first nation to officially adopt a multicultural policy. However, while the Canadian government has developed a broad-based multicultural mandate that includes a national human rights code and increased penalties for hate-motivated crimes, and most Canadians oppose overt forms of discrimination and hate, racism continues to exist in Canadian society, albeit in a subtle fashion. Read MoreMass Marketing and Cultural Appropriation Essay1722 Words   |  7 Pagesdifferent culture is a non-offensive act (â€Å"What Is Culture Appropriation, Anyway?†). Buying or displaying art from a different culture is also considered this (â€Å"What Is Culture Appropriation, Anyway?†). The action of learning about different cultures, languages, and making or eating ethnic foods, is acceptable (â€Å"What Is Culture Appropriation, Anyway?†). Cultural exchange is the right way of interacting with features of different cultures. There is no absolute definition as to what it exactly is, but theRead MoreGender Roles And Their Impact On Society1841 Words   |  8 Pagesabilities and their achievements. Similarly, research has actually shown that teachers and parents expectations of students abilities, achievements and behaviors are influenced by gender role stereotyping. Gender role stereotyping is usually subtle, and often unrecognized or unchallenged. The assumption that girls should have feminine traits in school such as caring for others, and quiet and passive behavior, can mean that they set aside their own learning needs for others. For boys, the

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Mental Case - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 1 Words: 235 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2019/10/10 Did you like this example? Mental Case is an original imitative piece that depicts the life of people who are affected by mental dilapidation. It tries to explain in details the so-called mentally affected persons. The piece has three stanza where the first section gives a picture of the persons who are seen to have sagging and wicked tongues that come from jaws that are just worthless because they do not add any kind of pleasure to the persons. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Mental Case" essay for you Create order Besides, it elaborates how these people have exposed teeth’s that stare as skull showing stroke on stroke of pain without the person showing any sign of fear due to a mental problem. Essentially, the people with the mental cases have misery boils making them sleeping, perished, and a walking hell from their hair through their hand palms and all over their body. The second stanza portrays how the dead overpower the minds of these men. They are filled with reminiscences of homicides, which they got from the countless murders they experience out there in the streets or the society. Being so helpless out there, all they could do is walk over bogs of flesh that have blood coming out from lungs of people who loved laughing and were alive at some point in life. These people are used to a life of hearing guns and flying muscles of people being killed, thus, being folded with the wicked life beyond disconnection.

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Privacy Issues, Child Safety And Hate Speeches - 1671 Words

Introduction There are many changes has been made during the service time of Facebook, it impacts a lot of users. Criticisms made wide range of view on its privacy issues, child safety and hate speeches. In this essay, we are going to talk about the privacy issues that people concern about on Facebook and how it impact people after certain changes have been made by Facebook. What is Facebook? Facebook is an online social networking service. Users have to register to use the website, after that Facebook provides a bunch of features such as setting up their own personal profile, adding other users as friends, exchanging messages, and receiving notifications automatically once their friends update their personal profile. In additional, users also can participate different user groups with common interests, usually they are organized by user s workplace, schools, or other individuals. What s more, users can also put their friends into different categories,such as Close Friends, Family Member, etc. Privacy on Facebook Despite Facebook keep saying they always protect users privacy. However, few functions they have changed during the past few years make people hard to believe Facebook can actually capable of protect their privacy. It become quite obvious that compare to its own business profit, privacy is not such a big deal for Facebook to make some change which brings more fame and benefit to itself. Many privacy advocator start to call the regulators to interfereShow MoreRelatedConstitutional Issues And The Scope And Character Of U.s. Government3303 Words   |  14 PagesConstitutional Issues and the Scope and Character of U.S. Government 1 Constitutional Issues and the Scope and Character of U.S. Government Britteny Klemm POL303: The American Constitution Tammi Clearfield April 21, 2014 Constitutional Issues and the Scope and Character of U.S. Government 2 Freedom of speech, Barendt (2005) mentioned, is one of the basic rights of any human being. The entitlement to express one’s opinion and view on anything without the fear of being harassed or penalizedRead MoreSpeech to Inform8146 Words   |  33 PagesTerrorists kill to obtain public exposure. The United States has defined the anti-terrorist priority measures. They include chemical plant security, transit security, terrorism risk insurance, disaster response, nuclear waste, and drinking water safety. It is hard to curb terrorism for several reasons. First, terrorists are well organized and have a strong network which is tied by fanatic faith in their cause. Second, terrorists are unseen. They are scattered all over the world, arranging terroristRead MoreAn Introduction to Intercultural Communication29172 Words   |  117 Pagestraining does is provide people who feel they need to know more about a country before working or living there with a safety net. This safety net provides them with a safe form of reference when they are unsure about an intercultural situation. Once that person actually goes though the experience of meeting someone, conducting negotiations or entertaining a guest they can then discard the safety net and refer to their own experiences. In conclusion, intercultural training does not stereotype people butRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 PagesSoftware In-Basket Exercise 43 PART I 1 PERSONAL SKILLS 44 45 DEVELOPING SELF-AWARENESS SKILL ASSESSMENT 46 Diagnostic Surveys for Scale Self-Awareness 46 Self-Awareness Assessment 46 Emotional Intelligence Assessment 47 The Defining Issues Test 48 v Cognitive Style Indicator 52 Locus of Control Scale 52 Tolerance of Ambiguity Scale 54 Core Self-Evaluation Scale (CSES) 56 SKILL LEARNING 57 Key Dimensions of Self-Awareness 57 The Enigma of Self-Awareness 58 The Sensitive Line 58Read MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesEmotion Regulation 115 OB Applications of Emotions and Moods 115 Selection 116 †¢ Decision Making 116 †¢ Creativity 116 †¢ Motivation 117 †¢ Leadership 117 †¢ Negotiation 117 †¢ Customer Service 118 †¢ Job Attitudes 119 †¢ Deviant Workplace Behaviors 119 †¢ Safety and Injury at Work 119 †¢ How Managers Can Influence Moods 120 Summary and Implications for Managers 121 Self-Assessment Library How Are You Feeling Right Now? 98 Self-Assessment Library What’s My Affect Intensity? 104 Myth or Science? We Are BetterRead MoreVarian Solution153645 Words   |  61 5 Pages,,,,,,, Set Budget ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 5 10 15 20 Video cassettes 0 2.8 (0) If you think Edmund is odd, consider his brother Emmett. Emmett consumes speeches by politicians and university administrators. He is paid $1 per hour for listening to politicians and $2 per hour for listening to university administrators. (Emmett is in great demand to help ï ¬ ll empty chairs at public lectures because of his distinguishedRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 Pagesfundamental wide-ranging issues. The bursting of the high-tech bubble both in many start-up companies and in major segments of established firms dissipated many entrepreneurial efforts and the large sums of money that were spent to create organizations that never earned a profit and were often hugely unsuccessful as business entities. However, this enormous cost to some companies also created beneficial impacts for many other companies in dealing with these fundamental wide-ranging issues. These beneficial

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By Chris Pobst Essay Example For Students

By: Chris Pobst Essay Boston Latin is one of Americas premier public schools. On February 14, 1998, Sarah Wessmann applied to this school and was rejected along with ten other white candidates. Sarah could handle the fact that she was not accepted but she couldnt accept the fact that ten black, and Latin students were accepted over her when they scored lower on the entrance exam. Her mother sued the school for reverse discrimination and won. Her daughter was accepted and the school had to scrap a policy that set aside 35% of all school places for black and Latino applicants (the Economist 2/14/98). Should race be a factor in admitting students to a school? This is a question raised by many people in the nineties and is a very debated issue. This issue is called reverse discrimination. Reverse discrimination is found everywhere in todays society. Almost all businesses and all government jobs require a certain percentage of their workforce to be minorities regardless of their qualifications. This is unfair in many ways. One way is because when a person is not properly qualified for a job, he does not perform the job as well as a qualified person does. Everyone from management to customers is affected due to lack of quality work they perform. This can cause loss of money and low productivity. Another good example of reverse discrimination is in the military. When my father went into the Air Force, he had to take an ASVAB test. This tested his knowledge in certain fields of work and the Air Force used it as a means of admittance. Minorities only have to score about 75% of what my dad had to score on the test and this is not only wrong, but also unfair. Why lower the standards for minorities? I know I dont want somebody to run my country that isnt qualified and got the job just because he was a minority. Standards for a job should not be lowered because a certain group of people is less qualified. Im not saying that all minorities are underqualified, but it does seem that the majority of them are. I believe that no matter what race or religion you are, when applying to a school or a place of work everyone should have the same opportunity. Many minorities claim that they havent had the chance to succeed because of their race. This is untrue because there are many minorities who have succeeded and lived a very good and prosperous life. If that were the case, just about anybody could blame their lack of qualification on something when the real reason is they just havent tried hard enough. Another thing I dont believe in the fact that if I owned a business that I have to have a certain number of minorities working there. I think that if I own the business and I am not affiliated with the government, I should be able to hire whoever I want. Whether I hire my dad or my little 8 year-old sister, it is my choice and if my business fails because of my employees, that is my problem and not anyone elses. And if people decide not to patronize my business that is also my proble m therefore I should be able to legally hire and employ whoever I want. Again, why should I hire someone who isnt qualified for the job just because government says I have to? I think the federal government should reconsider the discrimination policy they have enforced and let employers hire whoever they want too. In todays society, white people are discriminated against just like the minorities. The story of Benjamin Kook is a prime example. He and his wife live in South Africa. Ben owned his own plumbing business until his truck and all his supplies got stolen. Due to the fact that he is considered a minority in Africa, he could not find a job that could pay even close to what he was making before. He went from taking home a $1000 a month to $80 a month. He and his wife can barely afford to pay rent much less has the luxuries they did before (Spectator 2/28/98). This goes to show that no matter where you go, discrimination will be there no matter what race you are. The History Of Baseball Cards Essay PaperOn the other hand now, I want to elaborate on sports. All sports teams in America are a business yet the law of equal employment does not affect them. There is no law stating that there must be a certain number of minorities playing professional sports. Professional athletes professional sports due to their ability in that sport not their race. Black athletes mostly rule some sports like basketball for example. Very rarely can I drive through the park and find only white people playing basketball. But take car racing for example, it is ruled by white people and probably remain like that for a long time because minorities dont seem to take an interest in racing like they due basketball or baseball for example. All this and there are never lawsuits filed against a professional sports affiliation due to discrimination. If athletes are expected to be the best in the country, why cant business employers expect the same? If businesses could, they would hire only the best applicants, not hire who the government tells them to hire. In conclusion, reverse discrimination is almost as big of a problem as minority discrimination. Why should minorities have lower standards than white people should? The people with the best qualifications and most talent should be the ones first in line to be hired and definitely should not be accepted somewhere because a company or a school must accept minorities with lower qualifications.